Additional Services

Further to the collection, transport and treatment of oil residues, additional services are offered at the separators:

a. Cleaning services at the floating separators for all types of ship tanks using hot water and/ or steam, and inert gas.

b. The high pumping, separating and storage capacity of the floating separators is a significant advantage in major incidents of pollution, since one of the greatest challenges in such incidents is the pumping, storage and treatment-separation of oil to be recovered.

c. Apart from these functional advantages offered by the floating separators, fully equipped pollution prevention and control stations are also operating, which include:

Approved oil contentment booms

Oil absorbent and adsorbent materials in various forms Skimming systems

Oil spill dispersants and spraying systems approved by WSL and the Greek authorities.



With regard to sewage (grey and black waters, etc) generated by ships and land-based units, this is collected using special tankers and tank trucks and transported, according to all safety rules, to local Urban Waste Biological Treatment Plants.

A Waste Delivery Receipt is granted upon every delivery of wastes, as required by international legislation.