We provide sustainable solutions, which efficiently protect the environment and create added value for our stakeholders

Our vision is to showcase circular economy as a leading force of sustainability for the future

About Us

Hellenic Environmental Center – HEC - is one of the largest and most experienced companies within the field of waste management globally. 
Founded in 2000 as a pioneering environmental company in Piraeus, Greece, HEC has envisioned the effective protection of the maritime environment in the Greek ports and has expanded internationally, growing its range of services and infrastructure. It is established as the leading Port Reception Facilities provider in Greece and offers exemplary quality services in key European ports, namely Piraeus, Hamburg, Gibraltar, and Valetta.

HEC invests constantly in cutting-edge technology and is devoted to breakthrough research and development, as well as to the exemplary management of its worldwide operations. 

Worldwide Operations

The company’s vision is to create Green Ports around the world. Its significant contribution to the implementation of the austere environmental legislation such as the International IMO Convention MARPOL 73/78, which obliges every port to provide adequate port reception facilities for ship-generated waste, is distinguished by its competition and appraised from its clients and partners, for creating a powerful shield towards the protection of the marine environment, wherever it operates.

HEC has developed a unique, multifaceted model to run its operations. An innovative ecological umbrella, which embraces the whole process of waste collection, management, and treatment, minimizing the environmental footprint in all the ports it operates. 




We think big, we plan ahead. Our goal is not only to act effectively in the present, but also be proactive for the future. We focus on research, technology and human resources to develop new tools, know-how and infrastructure for a greener future.

Committed to circular economy. As industry leaders, we are responsible for setting the paradigm for other companies, our partners, clients and competitors, for the authorities, the political and economic system, with our services and works. Our commitment to the circular economy is a leading force for sustainability and our future. 

Technology and expertise. Our expertise, state-of-the-art treatment facilities, skilled workforce and proved long-term dedication to marine environmental protection constitute the core of our international partnerships and established connections in the environmental industry.